LIC Jeevan Arogya also called as mediclaim plan which is an attractive non-linked BENEFIT plan offering Health cover up to age 80 years and life cover and Accidental Benefit up to age 60 years. It provides Health Benefit for ALL SURGERIES (except specifically excluded).  It includes single policy for self (Principal Insured-PI) & entire family including parents and Parents in law. Table No. 903: UIN – 512N266V01. Source

lic Jeevan arogya

Special Attractions

LIC Mediclaim

  1. Benefit can be availed along with the LIC mediclaim plan for same Hospitalization/Surgery, without any link to actual expenses incurred.
  2. No claim Benefit, unlimited granted every 3 years.
  3. Premium waiver benefit, one premium following Surgery under category I and II

Applicable Benefits:

  • Hospital Cash Benefit (HCB) up to 720 days (inclusive of 360 days ICU benefit). Available options Rs 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, (increase arithmetically@5% p.a. Up to 50%). 1st year 30 days. 2nd year and onward 90 days p.a. ICU Benefit @ HCB X 2 (1st year 15 days – 2nd year and onward 45 days p.a.).
  • Major Surgical Benefit (MSB) up to 800 times of HCB for 140 surgeries (100 times p.a.)
  • Day Care procedure Benefit (DCPB) (Table no. 903) up to 24 procedures for 140 daycare procedures @ HCB X 5/procedure (3 procedures p.a.)
  • Other Surgical Benefits (OSB) for all other surgeries up to 360 days @ HCB X2/day (1st year 15 days – 2nd year and onward 45 days p.a.)
  • Quick Cash Facility – Advance of 50% cost of MSB for 50 Surgeries under Network Hospitals
  • Ambulance charges – Reimbursement of Rs 1000 for 50 surgeries.

Table 903 Plan Features

  • Eligible Age – PI and Spouse: 18 to 65
  • Dependent parents: 18 to 75
  • Children: 3 months to 17 years
  • Mode of Premium: Yearly, Quaterly, Half yearly, and ECS (Mtly)
  • Rebate for yearly and half yearly and High HCB
  • Automatic increase in HCB by 5% every year up to 50% of the Initial HCB.
  • Major Surgical Benefit for 140 listed Surgical Procedures.
  • MSB is equal to 100 times of HCB
  • Automatic increase in MSB by 5% of Initial MSB every year up to 50% of the initial MSB
  • Maximum 8 times of MSB through out policy Term (1 MSB per annum)
  • Up to 80 years of age for other than children – For children up to 25 years of age.
  • Day care Procedure Benefit for 140 day care procedures. 5 times about applicable Day Cash Benefits (ADB). 3 times in a year and 24 times in the policy full term.
  • Other Surgical Benefit- For any surgery not covered under MSB. 2 times of applicable Daily Cash Benefit – 45 days in a year 360 days in the policy full term (15 days – first year)
  • Quick Cash Facility- This is the facility available for all insured, where instant cash can be paid as an advance up to 50% of eligible MSB surgeries of category 1 & 2.
  • Ambulance charges – For surgeries eligible for MSB listed under category 1 and 2. Benefit @Rs 1000 per insured per policy year.
  • Premium Waiver Benefit – For surgeries eligible for MSB listed under category 1 & 2. One year premium will be waived.
  • Term Assurance Rider- Death Benefit MSB is covered under this policy by payment of additional premium.
  • Accident Benefit Rider-Accidental Death Benefit up to initial MSB is available by payment of additional premium.
  • No Claim Benefit – If there is no claim from any insured between two Automatic Renewal date (ARD) 5% of the IDB will be added to the ADB from the nest ARD for all insured. Reference