LIC Table 89 : Jeevan Saathi Plan

W.e.f. 01-07-1985

….JeevanSathi General Policy Condition…..
Min. age at entry 20 yrs
Max. age at entry 50 yrs
Max. Maturity age 70 years
Min. Term 15 years
Max. Term 30 years
Accident benefits per 1000 SA Rs. 2 extra
Min. S.A. Rs 50000
Max. S.A. No Limit
Modes allowed All
SA in multiples Rs 5000


……..Underwriting requirements……..
Female Living category I/II/III
Form No. 3237A 300 & 400
Age Proof (for both lives) Std./
See NSAP Article for details NSAP-I(WR 5lacs)
Non-Medical General (others) Not Allowed
Non-Medical Professionals Allowed
Non-Medical special Allowed
Dating back@ 8% Allowed
Risk coverage SA + Bonus
Actual Sum Assured (ASA) Basic S.A.


……..Policy Servicing……..
Revival Yes
Surrender of Policy Yes
Housing Loan Yes
Policy loan @ 9% Yes
Term Rider Option NO
Critical Illness Rider NO
Survival benefits NO
Assignment Yes


LIC Jeevan Sathi Suitability:

  • It is for husband and wife who wants single policy for joint life risk cover.

Jivan Sathi Maturity Benefits:

  • SA + Bonus are given if husband and wife are alive upto maturity.

JivanSathi Death Benefits:

  • Future premiums are waived and survivor gets SA immediately on the death of Husband/wife.
  • He/She gets SA again with full bonus if the survivor (husband/wife) survives till maturity.
  • SA + Bonus is paid till that time to the nominee if the survivor also dies before maturity

Jeevan Saathi Other Details:

  • Housewives: Max. SA is 15 lakhs for graduates having driving license or passport or credit card or mediclaim. Proof to be produced.
  • Females can take this plan without any extra premium who has undergone sterilization lives with 2 cesarean operation.
  • Females can take this plan without any extra premium who attained menopause and has NOT undergone sterilization and lives with 2 cesarean operation.
  • Maximum SA of 50 lakhs for Female category II and Max. SA of Rs. 2 lakhs is allowed under the plan to self-employed female or housewives live in category III.
  • Pregnant ladies are not allowed in this plan. Wife need not to be a earning person for SA 2 lakhs or less.
  • This plan is issued only to working couple or wife should be an income tax assesses.
  • Female has to pay 3% extra premium if she is with 1/2 cesarean operation.
  • For females lives with 3 or more cesarean operation, this plan is NOT allowed.


  • To grant insurance cover on Husband’s life, wife’s income is also considered but subjected to certain restrictions.
  1. Based on his own income, husband should have been insured fully.
  2. Proposer should be the wife.
  3. Wife should belongs to female category I/II.


Mr. Raja and Mrs Rani are husband and wife. They took a Jeevan saathi policy for 2 years for Rs. 1 Lakh SA.

  • Possibility 1: (a) Unfortunately if one of the either Mr Raja or Mrs Raani expires after some time, the survivor will get  Rs 1 wihtout bonus immediately and there is no need for the survivor to pay future premiums. Again. if he or she survives till the then He/She gets Rs 1, 88,000 at maturity (Rs 1 lakh SA + Rs 88000 being estimated bonus for full term. (b) In case if both died due to same accident and if they die within 180 days from the date of accident of the first person then the nominee will get 4 times SA plus bonus accrued till the death. (c) If the survivor dies before the maturity term, then teh nominee will receive the SA + bonus till that period.
  • Possibility 2: If Mr Raja and Mrs Rani survive will maturity then they together will get the maturity benfits of Rs 1,88,000 (Rs 1 lakh SA + 88000 bonus at an estimated Rs 44 per 1000 per annum.

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