LIC Software has launched a new LIC mobile App for their members, agents and users. It is an official application. It is developed for members and Marketing Personnel. Now all details about portal services and products are at your fingertips. Options for Premium calculation, viewing Products, Apply for Policy, Check Policy Details and get Branch contact information. 

Why LIC Mobile Application?

LICMobile‘, a mobile-based application, comes with a host of features to provide information about various LIC policies and premium of various products. Premium calculator functionality in the app will help the customer know the amount that he would be required to pay once he decides to choose a plan. Premium modes like monthly/quarterly/half yearly/ yearly is also described to help customer to choose the best suited premium mode.

How To Get And Install It?

Here are the steps to get the Lic Mobile application:

#1) Open “Google Play” on your Android Mobile

#2) Type “LICMobile” (without space) and hit the search button.

#3) At the top, you’ll find the application.

#4) Tap on it with your finger (if your mobile is screen touch) and click on “Install” button.

That’s it.

Here is the official “Google Play” link to LIC Software. Ref

Lic mobile