LIC mutual fund asset management company Ltd is the investment manager. Various 100 schemes have launched since inception of the Mutual Fund. Out of 36 ongoing schemes, continued sale and repurchase is available under 20 open ended schemes.

  • The AMC was able to mobilize substantial funds for the financial year and the Average Assets Under Management for March, 2009 was Rs. 23092 crore which shows a growth of 64% over the Average Assets under management of March 2008.
  • During the year LICMF opened five area offices in Guwahati, Ludhiana, Manglore, Mumbai-II and Nagpur taking the total number of Area offices to 22 besides increasing the number of Business Centers to 65 for further penetration in the untapped semi-urban and retail market.

As a 31-03-2009 LICMF  stood at no. 7 out of 35 Mutuals Funds in the industry on the basis of Average Assets under Management.

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