Well, many of us are confused on how to check your ULIP bonds value. It’s easy to check LIC NAV rates through online. Customers don’t know how to calculate their maturity value or current cash value of their ULIP bonds. You just guess the value, right? Or may be calling your agent every month to check the value. But before you know the new rates, you must know how many Units you posses for a plan.

How To Check Your Nav Rates?

There are two ways from where you can get the current rates.

  1. For example, you purchased “LIC market plus 1bond and you want to know the current cash value of it. It issues a separate letter to your postal address with the unit allotment details after bond papers are issued. Once you know the number of units, kindly visit at www.licindia.in/plan_navs.htm and locate your NAV. Now lets assume that you have invested in Market Plus 1 Growth fund and you have 1000 units and the current PER UNIT value is 16.4130. Then, here is how you can calculate NAV to get the current cash value.Hence Current Cash value: 1000×16.413=16413

    Your current Cash value will be Rs. 16,413/-

    Rates fluctuate as per the market conditions. So, if you think that the market is at peak and will not further rise much then it is recommended to encash your bonds else you can contact an expert in this matter.

  2. You can call customer care on 1251 and can ask the details.