You can now make LIC premium payment through various alternate channels. You need to first register in the database of life insurance corporation of India to make payment through any of the alternate channels. Receipts are sent through the post.

Here are the channels through which you can pay your premium.

Electronic Clearance System (ECS)

  • This facility is presently available at 53centers. Total places where ECS can be offered as per RBI is 64. Through ECS premium can be collected for ULIP and Health Insurance policies also.

Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP)

  • The premium can be paid through various banks like Citibank, HDFC, ICICI, Federal Bank, Corporation Bank, Axis Bank, and through service Providers – Bill Desk and Tech Process which cover almost all other banks throughout the country. The premium can be paid through credit card also availing this facility.


  • Available with two banks Corporation Bank and Axis Bank. Through EBPP & ATM Premium can be collected for in force policies only which are NOT  with MLY/ SSS mode or under ULIP or Health Insurance Plan.

==> Payment channels through Online, Valid Receipt issued instantly:

Online Portal Payment Gateway

  • Online payment on website, with the help of the NET Banking facility of 33 major Banks. The premium can be paid for ULIP policies excluding Health Insurance plan, since  01/06/2009.

Axis Bank

  • The premium can be paid at any of the Branches or Ext. Counter of Axis Bank in cash or checks drawn on Axis Bank.

AP Online

  • It is a joint venture between AP state government and Tata Consultancy services. There 250 franchises in the twin cities and more than 1000 franchises across the state. This mode of payment is started from 03/12/2007.

MP Online

  • MP online is the joint venture between the MP state government and  Tata consultancy services. This move of payment is started from 20/06/2008. It has more than 200 franchises across the stage with a presence in almost every Mandal. Premium collection is in cash only.

Suvidha infoserve Pvt Ltd

  • Premium collection through SIPL is started from 24/07/2008. It has more than 3000 collection center across the country at present.

Comat Payment

  • Comat is a company which enables access to the information based services to citizens in the rural India. There are approx 775 centers called Nemmadhi Kendra in the Karnataka and 1200 Rural Business Center in another state like Haryana, Sikkim, Premium started from 28/04/2009.

SREI Sahaj Payment

  • SREI Sahaj E-village LTD is a subsidiary of SREI infrastructure Finance LTD. Total 24755 common service center (CSCs) has been awarded to SSEVL, 12,500 were already functioning in 6 states WB, TN, Orissa, Bihar, UP, Premium facility through SREI Sahaj stared on 01/05/2009.

Agents Collection payments

  • This mode was started on 18/09/2007  and restructured from 01/09/2008. Agents authorized to collect the premium can collect the premium in Cash or Check and issue a valid receipt with their signature. The premium for ULIP policies also can be collected by the agents, however this facility is not yet available for health insurance policies.

Senior Business Associates

  • Senior business associates premium collections were stared from 01/06/2009. Senior business associates (SBA) are the development officers selected on the basis of certain conditions. The eligibility criteria for this scheme is decided by central office, marketing department,procedure is same as for agents, collections. Payment is online using the Portal. A receipt is issued and signed by the SBA and no other receipt is issued.

Satellite office

  • With a vision of providing easy access to its policy holders, it has open 810 satellite offices as on 30th June, 2009. This satellite office which is attached to this respective parent branch offices are basically an extension of large parent branches for services to policyholders. Processing of the new proposal and collection of renewal premium are the main functions of these offices.