LIC Table 43 : Temporary Assurance certain without profits

  1. Min. age at entry:  18 years (lbd).
  2. Max. age at entry:  60 years (lbd).
  3. Min. S.A.: Rs. 3 lakhs
  4. Max. SA :  1 crore.
  5. SA in multiples: 50,000
  6. Max. Maturity age: 62 years.
  7. Modes Allowed: Single only.
  8. Terms Allowed: 6/12/18/24 months
  9. Accident benefit: Not Allowed.
  • Requirements in writing:
  1. Age proof:   Standard.
  2. Form Number:  300/340
  3. Female lives category: I
  4. Dating Back @ 8% : Allowed
  5. Non-Medical General:  Not Allowed
  6. Non-Medical Professional: Not Allowed
  7. Non-Medical Special: Not Allowed
  8. Risk Coverage:  SA
  9. Actual Sum Assured: Basic SA
  • Policy Servicing:
  1. Term Rider Option: No.
  2. Critical Illness Rider: No.
  3. Policy Loan: No.
  4. Revival: Yes.
  5. Surrender of Policy: No.
  6. Survival Benefits: No.
  7. Assignment: Yes.
  8. Housing Loan: No.
  1. Before completion, age must be admitted.
  2. This plan is not allowed to pregant women, physically Handicapped lives and when occupational extra chargeable.
  3. SA Rebate:
    a. 5lacs & above but less than 20 lacs         : Re. 1
    b. 20 lacs and above but less than 50 lacs: Rs 1.50
    c. 50 lacs and above: Rs. 2.00
  4. Maturity Benefits: No.
  5. Temporary Assurance Certain Death Benefits: S.A.
  6. Lic Temporary Assurance Details:
  • Medical Examination is compulsory, and the proposer is required to pay the medical examination fee.
  • Under the without profit plan, the policy will be issued.
  • Policy can be allowed to Standard and sub-standard lives up to class-III.
  • In the LA’s death occuring within the selected period from the commencement of the policy, the SA will be payable.
  • This plan is for insuring non-insurance minded class of lives who require risk cover for a short period of 2 years or less.

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